More Details This Weekend on Wine Dinner 08.18.09


Will be posting details & menu for a wine dinner with Fernando Pavon, featuring Emiliana Organic Wines, with Grace’s Wine Shop on the evening of August 18th.

“Fernando’s passion for sustainable agriculture and commitment to the organic movement make him an ideal Wine Ambassador for Viñedos Emiliana. Collectively, the Emiliana vineyards and wine estates in Chile represent South America’s preeminent source of world-class quality organic and biodynamic wines. Fernando began his career at Viñedos Emiliana in 2005 as Director of Hospitality & Tourism, based in Chile’s Casablanca region. His warm, engaging personality and ability to communicate in English as well as his native Spanish made him the ideal candidate, effective 2007, for the position of International Wine Ambassador for Emiliana’s wine portfolio. Fernando now spends much of his time in the U.S., hosting wine dinners, leading seminars and conducting wine tastings for Emiliana’s prestigious biodynamic and organic portfolio.

Once a part of the infamous Concha y Toro family, Emiliana was founded in 1986 and very quickly emerged as a leader in organic wine production in South America. Emiliana owns a number of wine brands which represent a range of growing regions in Chile and span the “green” spectrum from “Eco-Balanced” (Walnut Crest) to Organic (Novas, Natura and Sincerity) to Biodynamic (G and Coyam). In 2001, Emiliana was the first producer in Chile to adopt the ISO 14.001 certification– an international title signifying sustainable and environmentally friendly vineyard practices. Among other things, this certification requires Emiliana to: actively monitor the types of chemicals used in their vineyards and their environmental impacts; monitor and control for harmful insects and diseases; properly maintain their facilities and equipment; and ensure that employees are acting in an environmentally sound manner. In addition, the company’s tractors are fueled with bio-diesel, and the wines are produced in an adobe-style winery constructed by local craftspeople.

Emiliana is also certified IMO For Life,a social responsibility certification which signifies that the company ensures fair working conditions and positive relationships between producers, contractors, workers. For example, Emiliana has developed an assistance program to help its workers finish their education and to provide computers to local schools.


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