PBR Is Now a Luxury Beer, Sort Of (It’s More Expensive Than The Other Crap Beers)

grub street

Read this story tonight on Grub Street (the Daily Food news email blast from NY Mag):


Ad Age’s answer to a fascinating question (Why do people favor crap beer PBR over other crap beers?) is no surprise: “Back in 2004, Pabst executed a highly effective word-of-mouth campaign that made the long-declining brand an ‘ironic downscale chic’ choice for bike messengers and other younger drinkers who viewed the beer as a statement of non-mainstream taste.” Hipsters boosted PBR sales by 17 percent that year, and sales are up a good 24 percent this year, more than other “subpremium” beers that have spent more advertising dollars trying to appeal to recession slummers. But here’s the joke: PBR raised its prices this year, and a case of the truckers’ piss now costs as much as $1.50 more than brands like Keystone, Natty Light, and High Life. Which means the folks who used to feel punk-rock chugging the cheap stuff now have to face the fact that they’re paying to buy into the hype. Not very cool.

Conspicuous (Downscale) Consumption: Pabst Sees 25% Sales Growth [Adage]

To check out Grub Street, go to:



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5 Responses to “PBR Is Now a Luxury Beer, Sort Of (It’s More Expensive Than The Other Crap Beers)”

  1. regarding the pbr price hike: nothing compared to what schlitz did. they raised their price above bud, lite, coors, ect. atleast pbr tried to sneak it in. i hope the good people a schafer’s and black label stay true to those of us who truly like the taste of cheap beer.

  2. I prefer Chimay, myself. I, too, referenced the PBR story (phenomenon?) on my page: http://kpcreative.wordpress.com/2009/09/19/pabst-blue-ribbon-the-hip-recessionomic-choice/

    Nice site, by the way. Your menus sound fantastic.

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