Chinese Fire Drill 02-27-10

This Saturday evening, Macke’s goes to the country and Mack & Kate’s will come to town…Caleb & I will swap kitchens for the evening and each do a special menu @ the other restaurant…give Jill @ call @ 292.3838 to make a reservation b4 they’re gone! Here’s my menu for the country –

Dinner in the Country



Weisenberger Stone-Ground Grit Cube; Pimento Cheese, Benton’s Candied Bacon


Lobster Cobbler; Havarti, Tarragon, Cognac


Roasted Baby Beets, Fall Baby Lettuces, Buttermilk Blue, Toasted Pecans; Ice Wine Gastrique, Red Beet Dust


Smoked Chicken-Andouille Gumbo


Twelve-Hour Braised Short Ribs Mascarpone Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes,

Fried Collards


Toby’s Buttermilk -Fried Springer Mountain Airline Breast;

Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes, Thin Green Beans


Pork Rind-Crusted Red Grouper, Mustard-Sorghum Beurre Blanc; Baby Arugula, Plumped Cherries, Laura Chenel Goat Cheese, Sweet Potato Croutons, Roasted Peanuts


Limoncello Tiramisu


Crème Brulee a la S’more: Chocolate Crème Brulee, Toasted Marshmallow, Graham Cracker Dust


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/02/23.

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