Give Your Oysters a Kick!

Give Your Oysters a Kick

If you read G&G’s February/March cover story, you can probably guess there’s nothing we like better than fresh oysters. So when we got wind of a hot sauce calling itself “an oyster’s best friend,” we felt it our duty to give it a thorough test run. The sauce is called Ed’s Red, Ed being Ed Creamer of Port St. Joe, Florida. And after passing around a bottle over several trays of oysters, we’re happy to report that Ed is a man of his word. Not too vinegary, not too peppery, with a touch of horseradish and lemon juice, it just might be the best oyster condiment we’ve ever tasted.

Turns out that’s no accident. The son of a commercial oysterman, Ed, 76, was raised eating oysters and hasn’t stopped since. “I don’t go too long at a time without oysters,” he says. But he never found a sauce that had quite the right combination of flavors. So he decided to create his own, drawing on the best of what he sampled traveling from port to port during his Navy days. “Each place had a little different sauce,” he says. “I would look at the label and make mental notes of what they had in it.” After years of tinkering in his kitchen back in Port St. Joe, he finally got it right and began trucking his sauce around to local groceries, vegetable stands, and places such as the Indian Pass Raw Bar, where, lo and behold, it developed a rabid following. Word began spreading, and now, Ed’s is winning converts from Canton to Canada.

Of course, as Rick Bragg points out in his essay for G&G, there are some oyster purists who will argue that dousing an oyster with any sauce is not truly tasting the oyster. But as he so eloquently puts it, “they can kiss my ass.” Ed is far too polite to phrase it that way, but his sauce speaks for


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