Monday 04.29.10 (My Day Off)

When I first started the blog, I would try to chronicle what I did, where I ate, etc. on my days off. It was a beautiful day and spent most of it out & about…here’s what I did-

Lunch @ Bacon & Caviar Melrose-bbq eggrolls & pulled chicken with mac & cheese & corn pudding..peach cobbler 4 dessert







Then went to Flip on 8th Ave S (high-end consignment (most are new and have been worn during photo shoot, etc). I got a Diesel windbreaker, J.Lindeberg shirt, Diesel shirt, a Permanent Vacation shirt, a Prophetique shirt, and a Dolce & Gabbana shirt for $113



Then went to Crema for a tall Cuban with extra shot and an Olive & Sinclair salt & pepper candy bar-


Then headed home and took dogs for a walk (during which Christina lost her Burberry scarf she got 4 xmas)

Has anyone seen my scarf?

I'll volunteer to go out and look for the scarf!

Then went out later to Holland House in East Nashville which opened last Friday night


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/03/30.

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