more blog today then gettin’ outta the house..enjoy beautiful day!

Last week, posted a pic of a candy bar in a post on how I spent my day off. The candy bar was a salt & pepper bar made locally by Olive & Sinclair which by the way was a nice treat that afternoon! But the one that I really keep thinking back to is a mexican-style cinnamon chili chocolate bar which I think is AMAZING!!! Started thinking about how I could use the bar-i.e. creme brulee or panna cotta etc. Think I finally thought of something…substitute it for the chocolate used in my chocolate puddings with a white chocolate Chantilly cream-will report back on later this week when I try it out but don’t see anyway how it could be bad lol!

Receive weekly email from NPT and saw where they were to be featured on “Tennessee Crossroads” this past weekend and so I recorded and watched after work Sat night…def want to get over and check them out soon!

Now I’m off to the pool to read and enjoy the sun this afternoon!!



~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/04/05.

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