Fried Skeletons Are So Hot Right Now!

For some time, Blue Ribbon Sushi has offered, as the show-stopper of its $50 omakase platter, a horse mackerel that’s plated with cuts of sashimi resting over the fish’s elaborately pinned skeleton (see Flickr evidence). When a waitress brought it to us this past weekend she informed, “When you’re finished, we fry the bones for you.” After the meal she whisked away the cutting board and said, “Now I go fry bones,” which is much more exciting to hear than “how about some dessert?” (As it turned out, the head, with eyeballs intact, was also fried to an edible crisp).

According to Tasting Table today, the Japanese tradition has become a bit of a trend, as Fatty ‘Cue, Marc Forgione, and EN Brasserie are also frying skeletons. So, bone appétit!

The bones are returned minutes later, accompanied by soy and chile dipping sauces. They’re as crunchy and delicate as potato chips–a revelation that gives new meaning to “fish fry.”




~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/05/04.

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