SFA Potlikker NYC 06.11.10


At POTLIKKER NYC you’ll watch 3 short documentaries, directed by the SFA’s Joe York, including the premier of Cut/ Chop/Cook, an homage to the Scott family of pitmasters, from Hemingway, South Carolina, underwritten by the Union Square Hospitality Group.

In addition to films, we’ll deliver delirious riffs on traditional dishes — Catfish Tamales with Comeback Tartar Sauce, Chow-Chowed Kewpie Q with Grits, French Onion Fried Pig Ears, and Sock Sausage with Sweet Potato Biscuits — from John Currence, of City Grocery, Oxford, MS; Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Diner, Raleigh NC; Tyler Brown of Capitol Grille, Nashville, TN; and Elizabeth Karmel, a Southerner herself, now smoking cows and pigs at Hill Country Barbecue Market.

One Ring Zero, the Brooklyn-based collective, will provide interstitial musical moments, including a song composed just for this event, wherein Michael Hearst sings, with Theremin accompaniment, Ashley Christensen’s recipe for Chow-Chowed Kewpie Q with Grits.

Drink comes courtesy of Lazy Magnolia Brewing of Mississippi and Mountain Valley Spring Water of Arkansas. 

Tickets, which cover all the fun, food, and drink detailed here, may be purchased online for $55. Must be 21 to attend. Register quickly. Capacity is limited.

For more information about the Potlikker Film Fest, visit the SFA online where you may learn more about the event and the SFA. Secondary contact may be made by way of Melissa Booth Hall at sfaevents@olemiss.edu or (662) 915-5993. For more information about the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, click here.



~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/05/10.

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