You Should Walk Out On More Movies (And Other Life Lessons)

Interesting read in PLANET money on npr’s website today by Jacob Goldstein:

Tyler Cowen — economist, blogger, good eater — thinks you should quit wasting time at the movies.

Not that you shouldn’t go. Just that you shouldn’t stay if you’re not into it. The ticket’s a sunk cost, and your time is valuable.

“People should be more willing to walk out of movies,” he tells the Washington Post. “Most movies — they grab you or they don’t, and if they don’t, just leave. Just go. You have already lost money. Why lose the time?”

Here are three other life lessons that emerge from profile of Cowen in today’s WaPo:

Nearly all stories take one of seven forms.

They are: monster, rags to riches, quest, voyage 

and return, comedy, tragedy and rebirth.

Nobody’s ever really on time.

You’re either a little bit early or a little bit late. Early is better.

Avoid restaurants where people look too happy.

You want a place where eaters go for the food, not for the vibe. “You want people to be grim or screaming at each other.” (He’s kidding on this one. Maybe. Sort of.)


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