More Food For Thought

The battles you face and the people you face them with are not new. They’re all from previous lifetimes. It’s a waste of time to worry about and avoid confrontation. You’re only making matters worse.

The moment won’t last forever. The time to resolve conflict is now.

Today, feel the friction. Let the sparks fly. Really get to the bottom of things, otherwise you’re going to have to face them again.


Everything you see in others is a reflection of your own ego. When you see something in someone else that especially bothers you, what you’re really seeing is your own hidden faults being reflected back at you.

What’s more, the reason you see it when you do is because it’s the ideal time to bring the ego down!

Today, when someone gets under your skin, know you’re being given a key.

Your work is to find the grain of truth in what you see.


Knocking down someone else makes us feel better about ourselves. Hearing about someone else’s problems makes us feel better about our own situations.
The problem is, gossip hurts us, not the person being spoken about.

Today, resist the desire to trash talk and speak bad about others! When someone is going on and on about someone, terminate the conversation or change the subject. This will reveal tremendous Light, which will truly help with your problems.


There’s a banana sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for me to eat it. It’s still green. I’m waiting for it to get nice and yellow with those brown spots before I dig in.

We are all green bananas, fruits in the process of ripening. Why do we judge ourselves for not being ripe fast enough? Why do we judge others for not being ready?

Today, be patient with you and everyone. We are all going through the same process, at different stages. And one day we will all be ripe enough and good enough to eat.


We activate judgment in our lives when we place judgment on someone else.

Today, don’t pay too much attention to what other people are doing and saying. Focus on your own deeds and words. The more you give into judging others, the more you invite that judgment into your own life.


The energy of a human being extends 4 feet around him. Which means if you’re spending all your time next to negative people, their energy will intermingle with yours and have an effect on you.

Does this mean you should go around judging everyone, putting on a space suit before you leave the house? No. But it does mean it’s in your best interest to have good judgment about the people you’re allowing into your life.

Today, think about where you’re being negatively effected, and where you’re negatively effecting others. That’s responsibility. 


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/05/20.

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