Wandering Monday Morning Thoughts


As is more often than not, enjoyed a very lazy but great Sunday day off…went to brunch @ Bosco’s in the Village (http://boscosbeer.com/) …sat @ the bar with Herman & Gabriel who used to work @ the restaurant and a friend of mine and enjoyed the Oskar Benedict & a waffle washed down with a mojito and the sounds of  the Roland Gresham Trio with Dallas Starke-definitely had the feeling that I was in NOLA-pretty cool!


Have been thinking quite a bit lately about a trip to New Orleans perhaps for my break following New Year’s Eve dinner…maybe fly down early New Year’s Day morning and start off with brunch @ Brennan’s (http://www.brennansneworleans.com/) . My last trip was New Year’s prior to Katrina. That visit, was able to fly down New Year’s Eve morning (the only New Year’s Eve I can remember having off in 20 years lol-@ that time was the Executive Sous Chef of the Chattanoogan Hotel (http://www.chattanooganhotel.com/) which usually meant I went in around 5am (don’t miss that 2 much lol). Had multi-course dinner @ Ritz-Carlton with wine pairings ($700 for the 2 of us) stayed @ the International House Hotel (http://www.ihhotel.com/) …passed out prior to midnight from all the wine & cocktails @ dinner so missed out on ringing in the new year in the Quarter lol…great trip though…came back with about 10 pounds of pralines brought back to give to friends along with around $200 in dog treats from the Three Dog Bakery there (http://www.threedog.com/) Arrived home from airport, unloaded luggage & everything (placing the boxed pralines & dog treats on dining table and ran back out 2 the store. When I returned back about 10 minutes later my 3 dogs had consumed all of the pralines!!

Thinking this time of staying at the Roosevelt Hotel (was the Fairmont hotel pre-Katrina reopened in 2009 under the Waldorf-Astoria flag of hotels) (http://therooseveltneworleans.com/)


Flavors of Nashville this coming Sunday (10/17/10) http://www.liverfoundation.org/chapters/midsouth/events/309/


Ran downstairs to the wine shop (http://graceswine.com/) to pick up a bottle of ice wine for the gastrique used on the beet salad @ dinner. I had been thinking earlier in the afternoon about offering a moonshine toast during my Flavors dinner but then found out my connection wouldn’t be returning home to KY for a couple of weeks so some authentic ‘shine was out of question @ this point. Picked up a bottle of Prichard’s Lincoln County Lightning to try out as a possible substitute (described by them as “a white whiskey with a mild kick. Bold yet surprisingly mellow, our un-aged whiskey is distilled in our copper pot stills using the same pure Tennessee spring water and white corn as found in our Tennessee Whiskey.”

So going to taste that hopefully this afternoon…will report back on that along with posting my Flavors menu also hopefully this evening!

Thinking about whiskey got me to listening to the Punch Brothers (http://www.punchbrothers.com/) song “Rye Whiskey”…featuring former Nickel Creek member Chris Thile. They will be @ the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville on 11/16 and @ the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta on 11/19…

Out to walk the dogs


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