Macke’s and Mack & Kate’s Receive 2 of 4 Awards Last Night!!

Getting ready for the Stovall Mountain Dews: Prichard’s Lincoln County White Lightning, White Peach, St. Germain, & Egg White

Mack & Kate’s

Mack & Kate’s




ALF Flavors of  Nashville 2010-Hillwood Country Club


The Gang

~ALF Flavors of Nashville 2010-Hillwood Country Club~

Pretty beat today after very busy week finishing up with Flavors last night! But it, as always, was a lot of fun to do and Caleb and I brought home 2 of the 4 awards presented last night which certainly added to the excitement! Here are the winners:

Best of Show-Perry Seal, Hillwood Country Club (this year’s chair chef and host for the event)

Best Appetizer-Caleb Phillips, Mack & Kate’s (French Onion Bruschetta)

Best Menu-Toby Willis, Macke’s (

Best Table-Vinny Tardo, Saffire

One of the items added to the auction last night was a dinner for 8 by the award-winning chefs in their home-def looking forward to the 4 of us getting together for that!



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