Thoughts on Reviving Sunday Suppers from Bacchanalia’s Anne Q

Couldn’t agree more!! Sundays def have a different feel & pace than any other day by far!! What better than to gather with friends & fam and share great conversation and food & drink!!


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The Sunday Supper is making a comeback – just ask Chef Anne Quatrano.

Quatrano, along with her husband Clifford Harrison, are the James Beard Foundation award-winning duo behind some of Atlanta’s most adored eateries: Bacchanalia, Quinones, Floataway Café, Star Provisions, Quinones and Abattoir.

For those of us non-Southerners scratching our heads over the difference between “dinner” and “supper,” Quatrano explains it as such: “Sunday Supper is a midday meal around a communal table.”

“How Southern!” she adds.

If you ever needed a reason to pull up a chair on a lazy Sunday and celebrate food together, here it is:

Click here for the rest of the article (

All of this is leading up to Sunday Supper South (which I will be attending on 10/31 and I CAN’T WAIT),

to learn more (


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