Finally Ventured Out Around 6pm Today

Took a vacation day today and hibernated after a busy past week and before going into what is going 2 be another one this week…worked on some holiday menus, blog, the schedule, well guess it was sorta like an office day @ home lol). Picked up extra ‘meat & 3’ yesterday @ Arnold’s (roast beef, mashed, mac & cheese, greens, chess pie, 1/2 sweet t 1/2 lemonade) so avoided that issue but was forced 2  finally emerge 2 run 2 store 4 some smokes lol..decided caffeine was in order so I headed 2 Crema and got a triple-shot Cuban 🙂

Really like the Rutledge Hill area with its great views of downtown…think this area should really explode due to its proximity to the new Music City Center ( opening Feb 2013 and as downtown continues to grow outward . The Rolling Mill Hill project will also help revitalize the area as well.

Also, the wonderful historical home which housed Andrew Chadwick’s ( )  is available for lease/purchase. Any investors out there looking??

Situated with a view of Howard School and the renovated Nashville Children’s Theatre in one direction and the soaring Gateway Bridge, LP Field and downtown in the other, Andrew Chadwick’s on Rutledge Hill occupies a house built in the mid-19th century, with 14-foot ceilings, stained glass, thick molding and fireplaces throughout. In the updated kitchen, a massive stainless-steel hood shelters a central stove that uses induction heating rather than gas flame. The choice of induction cooking—which uses magnets and electricity for rapid and precise heating—saved Chadwick from installing a traditional gas line, which would have required significant modification to the historic building.

Since moving to Nashville with his wife a year-and-a-half ago, Chadwick has been converting the property—which most recently housed an adoption agency—to include a series of intimate dining spaces, a lounge and a wine cellar in the historic carriage house. One room has two-story ceilings, brick walls and floors, and windows overlooking the raised beds of Chadwick’s organic herb gardens. Other rooms are paved with travertine tile and have small original fireplaces. Dark leather chairs and cream-colored tablecloths are on the way as Chadwick prepares for a Nov. 19 soft opening.


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/10/20.

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