Congrats 2 Kahlil & the rest of the family!! 5 to Try: Meat ‘n’ 3 in this week’s Metromix

(As far as I am concerned, there’s really only one 2 try!!!)

Arnold’s Country Kitchen

605 Eighth Ave. S., 256-4455

Know this about Arnold’s: There’s always a line. The kitchen staff will fight in front of you. And Titans/celebrity sightings are compulsory. So, skip the lingering looks over lunch. Don’t be shy about asking for corn bread in the middle of someone else’s argument. And if you see a celeb, well, actually, you’ll be too busy shoveling food in your face to care. The roast beef is rare – if your hearing’s good, you might hear a soft “moo” at the carving station, beneath the din of flashing cutlery. You can eat the green beans with a spoon, and yes, Virginia, there is mac & cheese here.


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/10/21.

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