I’m 100% Sure I Want 2 Meet You (or Yes, You Need a Puggle 2!)



Seems to me that it was just meant to be when CoCo came into our lives earlier this year…she was rescued in the parking lot of the Greyhound bus station on 8th Ave S after her owner removed her collar & leash and then boarded a bus leaving her alone. It’s amazing that she wasn’t hit by a car given the high traffic in the area!

Saw Jacob on my Facebook newsfeed this morning and thought I’d pass it on-

PORT ST. LUCIE — I’m 50 percent Beagle, 50 percent Pug, and 100 percent ready to find a new home.

I’m Jacob, an adolescent Puggle who’s hoping to meet my special someone. I love people and I ‘m always ready to play, to go for a walk, or to just hang out with my favorite humans. I enjoy a romp with my canine roommates and I would be perfect for an active family of any age.

Stop by and meet me. I’m 100 percent sure that I’d love to go home with you.

You can meet Jacob at Dogs & Cats Forever No-Kill Animal Shelter. For more information, please call 772-873-4004, or 772-489-5454, or visit our web site at www.dogsandcatsforever.com

Here’s CoCo-



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