Monday Morning 10.25.10 Birthday Week Begins!!

More often than not, especially after busy weeks, Sundays are a day of ‘hibernation’ for me in which the farthest I stray from home are a couple of dog walks in the neighborhood or maybe a short jaunt to the Village or 12th South for take out. But yesterday had been planning to finally get to Cheekwood for the Chihuly exhibit b4 it ended.

Started off with takeout brunch from Fido (Bayou Benedict, double stack of banana nut pancakes xtra maple xtra butter, xl Milkbone with extra shot, & a blue machine Naked juice) …finished that off & headed to shower stopping off to lay down on the bed to play with dogs for a minute…next thing I knew it was 4:30 in the afternoon so no Chihuly for me 😦 Got up for a few minutes then decided I was gonna just go back to sleep since plans were ruined for the day..

I then woke up around 6:30 (from a very deep sleep) to dogs barking, phone ringing, and knocks @ the door. Open door to find Caleb & Rick telling me that I need to get ready & that there were a bunch of people downstairs waiting on me for a bday party! Caleb made me a wake-up cocktail with some Prichard’s Lincoln County Lightning, Red Bull, & blood orange juice (which did the trick I must say!) and I headed off to the shower

Got down there finally after some ppl had been there a hour (Sorry :)) but had a great time and was really surprised at some of the guests (had a great time!!)

Here’s a shot of the beginning of the birthday loot-



~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/10/25.

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