November is Here; End of the Year is Near!Pics From Neighborhood Walk This Evening 6pm


As the end of daylight savings time approaches (November 7th), I have noticed days getting shorter and the definite crispness in the air as I walk CoCo & Christina @ night after work. It seems that as the days get shorter each Fall that there is an inverse relationship in the amount of stuff that needs to get accomplished each day: more holiday parties, more covers in the Dining Room each service, more holiday concerts/shows/events that you want to attend or things to do such as holiday shopping and/or cooking. But as people will complain about traffic around the mall or how much there is to get done or blah blah blah, most will agree, if not grudgingly, that it really is the most wonderful time of the year!  

All of this will reach a peak, less than 8 weeks from now, on New Year’s Eve when we gather with loved ones and make resolutions for the coming year…take time to enjoy the holidays this year and create memories that you will have to keep forever!





~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/11/02.

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