Pics From Day Off 11.15.10 (Trip to Lynchburg & Miss Mary Bobo’s)


Stayed up too late Saturday night (well Sunday morning around 5:30am to be exact) going out with some old friends and then hangin’ out afterwards…anyways, a cold rainy Sunday proved to be a great day to catch up on sleep, flanked by the dogs cuddled up on each side of me lol…got up a couple of times and snacked on some take-out (anyone that knows me knows that it wouldn’t be wise to get snowed in w/o notice b/c my fridge is pretty bare…stocked usually with Red Bull, juices, bottled H2O, & a door filled with condiments, sauces, jams & jellies and the remaining space is a land of leftover take-out boxes…

All that said (I did have 2 give background 2 set the story up lol), I woke up already hungry Monday morning so as I sat on the balcony waking up with a cigarette and a cup of coffee (Charbucks “roasted as dark as the fire department allows” btw from Bonjo Java) I remembered that I had reservations for lunch @ Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House in Lynchburg which led to a feeling of excitement building in me much like a small child on xmas morning lol…I’ve been wanting to make the pilgrimage back for some time since moving to Nashville but could never it seems have the foresight to make a reservation a couple of weeks ahead of time which usually is necessary for lunch there!

My first trip was made with friends of mine, David & Bryan Bobo, who were two of  Miss Mary’s great-grandchildren in the late 80s/early 90s. It was a meal that have I have definitely remembered the last 20 years..esp the fried okra! I will say the fried okra is 2nd only to my mom’s… which still remains how I fry mine each summer when it appears.

thought lunch @ this place might b option @ intersection in Shelbyville given the rainy day traffic hassles but no not an option!

Rainy day made travel slower to Lynchburg and my stomach tightened as the 1pm reservation approached and we weren’t there (be on time b/c the meal will start without you as lunch is served family-style for those not in the know). We walked in just as the dinner bell was being rung and guests were being escorted to the different dining rooms.

It really was even better than I think I remembered! Tables preset with sweet tea (also 2nd only to my mom’s which could almost be compared to a tea-infused simple syrup, our host, a retired school teacher, introduced herself and continued  around our table which also included guests from Brazil & the Ukraine and 2 really nice ladies from Huntsville beside me. We feasted on fried chicken, meatloaf, new potatoes, broccoli-rice casserole, sweet potatoes, Jack Daniel’s apples, cole slaw, rolls, fudge pie, and I think possibly one or two more things I can’t remember.

forgot to take camera so was taken with phone

Walked around the town square making a few purchases and a latte for the trip home before heading back…another great day off!! Although I was pretty useless the remainder of day due to my second and a third helpins’ of some things but it was worth it I think!





Almost forgot another really cool thing while there…as we were walking out I introduced myself to the great-grandniece, Miss Lynne Tolley who runs the boarding house now under the direction of Jack Daniels. Found out that she usually has lunch with me @ Macke’s when she makes her monthly trip to Nashville to film her segment for “Talk of the Town”-really cool!

Really think I had a flashback to being a kid peering into a Christmas window downtown in Cleveland

Thought I was smiling in this pic on way back STUFFED!!! I really was quite content even if it doesn’t appear that way lol!!



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