Pics From Trip Home Over The Thanksgiving Holiday (finally posted 12.23.11 crazy month!)

Will post more later but just getting back & settled!! Great Thanksgiving!! Hey Jan, parents said Thanks! LOL!!

Feel like a kid starting school in the moring as I get ready for my first day @ the Nashville City Club-very excited about the new chapter starting in my life and a new environment…December is certainly not the best of times to change jobs (have 41 functions @ the Club this week) as it’s the busiest month of the year but I’ve been thrown into it before…besides it will be exciting!!


After the big meal Thursday, I grabbed the camera and walked around downtown…will explain the significance of these later I promise…

 The SPOT-where me and my friends (as did our parents) would meet after school.

 Main branch of bank downtown where mom worked and I would sometimes walk down to after school and wait for her to get off work.

Where Cooper’s was when I was a small child. I remember in elementary school getting school supplies & comic books there…

Down the street is the Craigmiles Opera House is a Cleveland, TN landmark. Built in the 1800s, it was once the social center of the city. John Philip Sousa was one of the entertainers who once performed in the opera hall. Jones purchased and refurbished Craigmiles Hall, which is listed on the National



my old church…St. Luke’s Episcopal

Craigmiles family Mausoleum @ St. Luke’s..“If you venture into the cemetery behind St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in the tiny town of Cleveland, Tennessee, you can’t miss the grand white marble mausoleum. But look a little closer — the marble isn’t all white. In places, reddish-pink splotches mar the white marble. The stains have been a permanent fixture on the Craigmiles crypt since soon after it was built in the 1870’s.

Local legend says the marks are bloodstains that commemorate a family history filled with tragedy. The sad story began in 1871 when young Nina Craigmiles died in a buggy accident. Her devastated grandfather built the elaborate mausoleum in her honor. Soon after her interment, the infamous stains appeared.”

Sorrow continued for the Craigmiles. An infant son died within hours of his birth, Nina’s grandfather John Craigmiles died of food poisoning and his wife Adelle succumbed to injuries sustained when she was hit by a car in 1928. As each member of the family joined the others in the crypt, the stains grew deeper and more prominent.

Woke up Thanksgiving morning to look out to wild turkey (counted @ least 24) that didn’t know how lucky they were that day lol!





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