The View is Nice from the Top! (Both from the front and the back!)

I hope never to change positions in December again! Started @ the Nashville City Club after Thanksgiving at the same time ALL of the holiday parties began! Looking back now after having almost finished my first month there I also think that maybe it was best to be thrown in at the busiest time of the year…anyways, after a month I still do not have many pics especially of food yet. I do have a glimpse of my new kitchen and the view with which we have to work…definitely a great workspace!






I have already been confused last couple of days by what day it actually was…now I’ll be thoroughly confused due to the fact that following lunch today the club closed and will be closed until Monday (nice 3.5 days off!!) I can count on one hand (and probably only use 2 fingers lol) the number of times I have been off on either Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day and have had the luxury of all 3 off!


Now the view from the front of the house in the recently renovated grill room. The dining room is set now to be renovated in January so will have pics of that in a few weeks as well!







~ by elevatedsouthern on 2010/12/24.

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