“The Strangeness of the Ordinary” Exhibit & Film Series (one of many reasons to visit the Frist!)

Pic I took recently of the Frist heading downtown on long walk one afternoon.

Pretty excited about the William Eggleston exhibit opening next week @ the Frist (1/21-5/1)!! Nashville is lucky to have a museum of the calibre as the Frist and I am very lucky to be walking distance to it!! If you have never been, this is a great opportunity to visit for the first time. It’s great to lose yourself in a museum for an afternoon…also the food @ the cafe is pretty good as well!

Taken on way back home.

 Eggleston is a Tennessee artist, born & residing currently, in Memphis who has been credited as helping to secure recognition for color photography as a legitimate medium in the black & white photography world of the 1970s.

“Eggleston has a unique ability to find beauty, and striking displays of color, in ordinary scenes. A dog trotting toward the camera; a Moose lodge; a woman standing by a rural road; a row of country mailboxes; a convenience store; the lobby of a Krystal fast-food restaurant—all of these ordinary scenes take on new significance in the rich colors of Eggleston’s photographs.”

Eudora Welty once said  “an Eggleston photograph might include “old tyres, Dr Pepper machines, discarded air-conditioners, vending machines, empty and dirty Coca-Cola bottles, torn posters, power poles and power wires, street barricades, one-way signs, detour signs, No Parking signs, parking meters and palm trees crowding the same curb.”

Eggleston’s work had an effect on cinema as well as artists like David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive (one of my favorites) and Gus van Sant (My Own Private Idaho, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Good Will Hunting) adopting his style of stark realism “revealing  the complexity and absurdity of the often overlooked.”

Drugstore Cowboy (2/4 7pm)

The Virgin Suicides (2/11 7pm)


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