Flashback to ’99 Tonight…Great Song, Great Messages!

Everytime I start searching music (iTunes, rhapsody, youtube, whatever), I can usually count on losing the next couple of hours if not careful b/c each song will jog my memory on another from artist/genre/time period whatever…this came out in ’99 I think…remember it b/c of heavy play in clubs and the female vocals sampled were Rozalla and the song was ‘Everybody’s Free’ which came out in ’92-’93 and also played heavily (was living in Atlanta then)

The words are actually taken from a column written by Mary Schmich on her first day (6/1/97) writing for the Peninsula Times Tribune and  began with the injunction to wear sunscreen and continued with discursive advice for living without regret. In her introduction to the column, she described it as the commencement address she would give if she were asked to give one. The column was circulated around the internet, with an erroneous claim that it was a commencement address given by Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut told the New York Times, “What she wrote was funny, wise and charming, so I would have been proud had the words been mine.”

Here’s Rozalla back in ’92 also…



~ by elevatedsouthern on 2011/02/01.

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