SFA’s Potlikker Film Festival will begin the Charleston Wine + Food Festival

On March 2, on the eve of the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, the Southern Foodways Alliance will pitch its tent at McCrady’s Restaurant. On the menu: SFA-produced Lowcountry foodways films. Smart words. Good local drinks. Honest local foods. Cool music. Good company.

By way of Joe York-directed films, John Simpkins-crafted words, and the bass drum stylings of Mr. Jenkins, we will celebrate South Carolina food titans like Robert Barber, Buckshot Colleton, Emile DeFelice, Bertha Grant, and Glenn Roberts.

Sean Brock of McCrady’s and Husk, Robert Stehling of Hominy Grill, and Sarah O’Kelley of Glass Onion, will be our cooks for the evening. You’ll taste potlikker, squirrel gravy, and other delights. You’ll sip oyster-flavored beer from local fave Coast Brewing. SFA founders Vertamae Grosvenor, Marion Sullivan, and Nathalie Dupree will hold court.

Tickets, priced at $50 per person, include food, drink, music, films, and, for a lucky few, a cool door prize. Available by advance purchase only. Click here to buy. Email here with questions.



~ by elevatedsouthern on 2011/02/06.

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