Yea!! Sewanee’s Right!!

Didn’t know that the Nashville Scene’s Chris Chamberlain & Nicki Wood share a connection with this special place-the University of the South-Sewanee-with me until reading this post this morning…check it out

Got me reminiscing about the Mountain as well this morning…spent much time on the Mountain @ DuBose growing up between Happenings and camps and what not and Sewanee was always one of my top choices for college (it and Emory were my top 2 choices). I ended up choosing Sewanee (thought I would party too much in Atlanta lol-silly silly me! or p’haps I knew I could justify it that way @ least lol…I think I decided in my heart though one Saturday afternoon my junior year of high school when I told my parents I was going to the library to work on a paper and made the trek to the Mountain.

Guardian Angel Time!

Little did I know that it was Spring Party Weekend! When I parked on University Drive, I got out of my car to the White Animals playing “Brown-Eyed Girl” and students walking around with beers…I was like ‘wow’!!

My Old Dorm-Trezevant!

Found this quote from a religion professor recently and thought I would share-

“Sewanee is about dreaming. Not ideals and fantasies but about the visions that inspire us, the dreams that lead us, the high idealism that makes us change the world when others quit. We are not satisfied that you might get a very good education here; what is the point of that if you have no wisdom or compassion or generosity or leadership? We do not educate so that you can go away and feel certified and satisfied. We pour ourselves passionately into your dreams because of our dreams: you will become the way we change the world. No less than that. We live in a screwed up world that needs what Sewanee people can offer and we expect you to take up the cause, dream the dream, make us proud, make the needful smile, and make God notice.” -Smith

I pray for help in living it.”


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2011/02/21.

One Response to “Yea!! Sewanee’s Right!!”

  1. I’ve been visiting the mountain for over 25 years, even though I didn’t decide to go to college there. My uncle Larry Isacksen still holds several Basketball scoring records and is in the Sports HOF, so Sewanee will always have a special place in my heart.

    You should meet Nicki and me for dinner at Ivy Wild sometime soon.

    Also, I made your healthy hot chicken Saturday night and it officially rocked! It was even better when I went ahead and brushed it on a fried thigh. Not Prince’s, but definitely in the neighborhood. All the failings were on my end for sure.

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