Sunday Supper @ City House (plus after-dinner drinks & dessert with an old friend, Alisa, @ the bar)

Had dinner Sunday night @ City House-as usual, the food was great and I always seems to gravitate to it for its ‘neighborhood low-key Sunday-night’ type of place. We had…

ham salad on open-faced buttermilk biscuits, mussels with braised fennel & tomato broth, & spaghetti squash with dried cranberries & a walnut pesto for starters

entrees were the pork meatballs with tomato ragu & grana padano and Fall’s Mill corn mush with lamb ragu & pecorino

Then moved to the bar for dessert (Lazurro Moscato d’Asti with lemon curd & vanilla bean panna cotta parfait with homemade graham crackers & a chocolate tart) but the best part was an old friend from Chattavegas was bartending that night…Alisa (hope she likes the pic I chose of her from her Facebook page :))




~ by elevatedsouthern on 2011/03/03.

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