My Weekend (Or Day Off) 3/6

My meals this weekend included 2 favorites and a what is def gonna be a new favorite-the Farmhouse at Fontenel!

Picked up to-go from Coco’s Italian Market ( over off Charlotte Ave. Everything I’ve ever had from here has been great!!

pepperoni pizza





lemon berry sponge cake


Got up early Sunday morning and was thinking Margot or the Hermitage Hotel for brunch but grabbed the paper from the concierge when walking the dogs and saw the feature today on Fontanel ( and decided to finally head out and try the Farmhouse run by TomKats and the Loveless guys…it was really really good! Gourged then came back home for a long nap lol!

We split the French Toast with the warm berry sauce (think it’s the ‘Traffic Jam’ available for purchase there), Farm House omelet with country ham, cheddar, & grilled onions, an order of sausage gravy & biscuits, & the Farmer’s Eggs Benedict with country ham on buttermilk biscuits!!

maybe one of Barb's old Rolls?


Dinner tonight was take-out from PM ( which was splitting an East meets Wedge, duck spring rolls, seared tuna loin, and 2 rolls (spicy tuna & a Nashville) and a Cherry Bomb from Bongo Belmont (  ….yeah you get the picture…eating and sleeping was about it today!


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  1. That pizza looks delicious.

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