March Date Night menu & pics

Date Night March


Smoked lamb loin, spicy tomato marmalade; sweet potato cake

First Courses

Chili-marinated red beet carpaccio, blue crab, pickled onion, horseradish, beet reduction

Baby lettuces, radishes, feta; dill pickle vinaigrette

Lobster cakes; baby arugula, charred tomato-tarragon vinaigrette, crispy parsnips

Black-eyed pea, smoked ham hock, & mustard green soup; cornbread croutons



Grilled swordfish, green olive vinaigrette; white bean puree, celery-fennel salad

Braised short rib, rosemary-balsamic syrup; hominy stew, Point Reyes blue cheese-bacon fritter

Cast iron skillet-seared scallops, maple aioli, Benton’s bacon; Nutella powder, Swiss chard, Tabasco-soaked cherries

Pan-roasted quail, chorizo oil; celery root, red cabbage puree


Coconut panna cotta; spiced pineapple, lime syrup, macadamia nuts

Milk chocolate pate; honey whipped cream, lavender strawberries


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2012/03/04.

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