Thinking ’bout mom’s meatloaf sandwiches after reading this story!


Sitting here on the morning of day off after 7 doubles, having coffee, catching up on emails, etc. when I came across this story on Food Republic, “Six Steps to the perfect meatloaf sandwich” ( so now all I can think about is one of my mom’s sandwiches (which btw it’s good to know that she practiced all of the steps plus one…the addition of a small dollop of Duke’s mayo on one side!

When I was younger, I never understood when she made a meatloaf we couldn’t have sandwiches that night but had to wait sort of like the confusion of why we couldn’t have potato cakes immediately after making mashed potatoes lol! Well I think I shall make one tonight so that I can have sandwiches the rest of the week to satisfy this craving!!


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2012/04/17.

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