Can’t wait to go home next week & celebrate ‘National Chicken Month’ with some of mom’s fried chicken!!

September is National Chicken Month and I’m looking forward to celebrating in the next week or so when I get to go home to my parents’ for a few days and feast on some of my mom’s fried chicken!

OK, really I’m looking to several days of my mom’s food (even wrote up menus of meals I wanted while home :)!) I’ve really been craving some comfort food  from home as I’ve spent the last 3 months either ill or making one of the five trips I made to the ER before the doctors finally decided it was my gallbladder and removed it! Even that was not as simple as usual as they ended up having to remove it the old way with a large incision!

So mom I’m ready for you to fatten me back up!!


~ by elevatedsouthern on 2012/09/07.

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