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10 . 19 . 2010 – Nashville’s best local restaurants

Macke’s for dinner

Dinner at Macke’s recently to try their new Fall menu. The service was great from the moment I walked up to the door I had someone greet me and I was seated quickly.  My server, Todd, was there right away to take my drink order and tell me about the specials of the day. I ordered a Dr. Loosen Riesling and for my appetizer the local deviled eggs and shrimp salad with flat bread crackers. As I waited for my appetizer Todd brought out some fresh olive bread which was warm and had some handmade butter to put on it. The delight of good flavors started at that point as I enjoy the bread and my wine. The deviled eggs were good and conjured up memories from family and church gatherings from over the years while the shrimp salad was so simply wonderful. It was creamy with hints of pepper and mint while the shrimp was fresh and just the right texture.A must try for shrimp lovers.

One of the things I really enjoy about Macke’s is that while you enjoy your meal the restaurant is never to quiet or to loud. It has a soft buzz of conversations from the customers and the pleasant sounds of the servers moving to and from talking to their customers. From my table I could also see into the kitchen and hear the sounds as the kitchen door would open. I really enjoyed that because I was able to see just how clean it is and even beautiful. Mustard yellow walls along with the white plates and various colors of foods accompany the sounds of the chef and cooks working and talking to each other and the servers about various plates, orders and such. Perfect location for someone like me who likes to feel the experience that a great restaurant can bring.

I had a few minutes to sit and relish the atmosphere and flavors before my entree was brought out and I enjoy a few minutes between courses. It let’s me sit back and take it in and really enjoy. Shortly though, my entree came out and what a sight it was and the smell wafted over my senses and brought a smile to my face. A plate of bourbon-braised Niman Ranch pork cheeks with caramelized onions – marscarpone grit cakes and kimchee collards that look like art and taste like heaven will do that to you.  The meat was so tender that the slightest touch of my fork had it falling apart and the flavor was juicy, rich and very much about the pork flavor. Everything on the plate simply complimented each other and the textures were amazing as well. I’ve never had anything like the kimchee collards before but the typical fresh bitterness that is the taste of collards was there along with some spice. The greens themselves were still a vibrant green color and still had a just a hint of crispiness left in them. The grit cakes were such a vital part of this dish and were amazing in the flavor that they brought. To pair meat this good with grits, caramelized onions and marscapone is something that you don’t see on many menus but when it is done like this, it changes your day. This dish is really something that you have to try for yourself to truly appreciate it. I know I will be going back soon and you should make the time to see what they are all about.

Macke’s is the epitome of upscale Southern dining in Nashville and it’s not just a meal it’s an experience. If you want the taste of the South and you want to enjoy one of the finest restaurants and chefs in Nashville, look no farther than Macke’s. I know I will be going back soon and you should make the time to see what they are all about.


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